Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: We accept Debit, Visa, Mastercard, Cash or Cheque

Q: How is the glass price calculated?

A: The base price of each piece of glass is calculated by the square foot, rounding up to the nearest even inch.  Shapes, holes, cutouts and edge work are custom and are priced on a per piece basis.

Q: Is there a charge for in-home estimates?

A: We are pleased to offer free in-home estimates within the City of Guelph and can often accommodate those living in surrounding areas.

Q: What thickness of glass do I require?

A: Typically, picture frame glass is 2mm, residential window glass is 3mm - 5mm, commercial window glass is 4mm - 6mm, table top glass is 6mm+ and glass shelves start at 5mm.  The larger the size of the piece, the thicker it should be in order to maintain its structural integrity.

Q: Can you cut down my tempered glass?

A: Glass that has been tempered is unalterable.  We can, however, cut a new piece of glass for the application and have it safety-tempered for you.

Q: What is a thermal/sealed unit?

A: An insulated glass (thermal) unit (IGU) is comprised of 2 or 3 individual panes of glass separated by an air space and sealed together in a controlled environment.  Argon gas may be added to the air space in order to increase the thermal value of the IGU.  Different types of glass, including Low-E, can be used to further increase the performance of the IGU.  Super spacers and warm edge spacers are also available to reduce cold transfer through the IGU.

Q: What is the life span of an IGU? How do I know if it needs to be replaced?

A: The average life span of an IGU is 15-20 years. IGU’s need to be replaced when they begin to fog up in between the panes of glass (moisture that cannot be wiped away from the inside or outside). The life span will vary depending upon different factors including the orientation of the unit, i.e. its exposure to direct sun or extreme temperature changes,  and placement of window coverings and films on the inside of the IGU.  All replacement IGU’s come with a 5 year warranty against seal failure from the manufacturer.

Q: Do you sell replacement windows?

A: We sell and install Energy Star rated vinyl replacement windows in many different styles and available colours.  Please contact us for a full range of options.

Q: Do I need a storm door on my house?

A: Storm doors offer additional weather protection for your entrance system as well as add curb appeal to your home.  All our doors are Canadian made 2” aluminum doors and are available in several different styles and colours.  Please contact us for a full range of options.

Q: Do you sell glass for picture frames?

A: Yes.  We can cut to size and/or install to your frame clear picture glass in either 2mm or 3mm thickness.  We also offer a Non-Glare picture glass to reduce reflection on your artwork.

Q: I like the look of ‘frameless’ shower enclosures. What are my options?

A: We are able to custom order tempered glass shower enclosures to fit any configuration, with a wide range of glass and hardware options.  Please contact us regarding pricing and to determine the best hardware choices for your configuration so that the enclosure is structurally sound.

Q: Can you replace broken glass in a woodstove?

A: Yes.  We carry heat resistant glass (Neoceram™) which is used in airtight woodstoves and gas inserts.

Q: How do I clean the glass in my wood stove or gas fireplace?


A: Always wait until the glass is completely cool before attempting to clean it!  If you have a wood stove or insert, the best way to clean heat resistant glass is to dip a dampened paper towel in the cooled ashes, then wipe over the glass.  The slight abrasiveness will clean off the soot.  Polish with a clean cloth or paper towel.  If you have a gas or propane insert, use a commercial cleaning product designed specifically to clean fireplace glass.  Never use window cleaning products on Neoceram™.

Q: Can I use mirror as a backsplash in my kitchen or bathroom?

A: Yes.  We can template and install mirrors to virtually any wall, including cut-outs for plugs and switches, in either clear or tinted mirror.

Q: My patio door isn’t sliding smoothly. What can be done about that?

A: In most cases we can replace the roller assemblies in the patio door.  We stock many common patio door parts and have access to many more through special order.  The installation of a stainless track cover in some instances can rectify worn track issues.  A service call will determine if this option is feasible.